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“A Thriving Saltwater Aquarium Is A Living Work Of Art, But My Marine Fish Keep Dying And My Corals Keep Withering Away, This Hobby Is Costing Me Way Too Much Money And Heartache And Is Much Harder Than It Should Be!”

saltwater aquarium fish and coral

With Today’s Technology It Has Never Been Easier To Set Up And Sustain A Stunning Slice Of Tropical Coral Reef In Your Own Home That Wows Anyone Who Witnesses It In Less Than One Month

For a few measly hundred dollars you can set up and stock your living masterpiece – right NOW…

Yet most people find out the hard way this is much more difficult than it sounds!

A few days, weeks or months after you have set up your saltwater tank, your chemical parameters fall dangerously out of whack, your marine fish get stressed and develop disease, your corals fade and turn to slime and you’re beside yourself having to spend a lot of money to replace your cherished marine pets or even come back from a complete system crash. Successful saltwater aquarium keeping is a minefield.

How You Can Overcome The Saltwater Aquarium Learning Curve!

Large saltwater tank with fish and coralsIts true, a saltwater aquarium and its marine inhabitants can experience (and cause) many problems. All the conflicting advice online and in books doesn’t help one bit. So I wrote an email course to fast track you to saltwater aquarium success as quickly as possible.

Here are Some of the Things You’ll Discover:

  • Exactly how to simulate the 4 crucial physical conditions of the natural coral reef environment so that your marine life will be optimally happy and healthy for the long term.
  • My 9 basic steps in creating your ultimate saltwater aquarium while avoiding the 10 most common potentially fatal pitfalls.
  • How to choose the RIGHT marine fish or invertebrate for your system and avoid those specimens you will regret in the future…
  • Specific steps to creating fantastic quality water that will have your marine pets not only surviving but thriving!
  • How to not choose one of the 85% of marine fish that leave the coral reef that are sure to perish within a week because of stress from capture and shipping…
  • My scientists’ secrets to highly efficient and easy saltwater aquarium maintenance that will ensure your marine life support system is working at its best.
  • How to identify and minimise stress in its many forms in your saltwater aquarium. Stress is the number one killer of captive marine fish and invertebrates.
  • What it takes to provide a correct diet for your marine life so colours are more vivid, activity levels are higher and your marine pets live longer.

My FREE Course Gives You The Low Down On Saltwater Aquarium Success Via Email…

By the way – most saltwater aquarium “e-courses” are thinly disguised sales pitches with crappy information. But I refuse to put out that kind of junk. This is quality content that will genuinely enhance your saltwater aquarium and your understanding and enjoyment of this awesome hobby.

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